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We at Montessori World Preschool follow the Maria Montessori Method of Education.

Our ACADEMIC Director MRS HIRAL MANISH SHAH is a Montessori Trainer from American Montessori Association. She is Into Montessori Training Since last 15 Years.

How does Montessori Education Work?

In a Montessori Environment, children learn by self exploring and manipulating specially designed Montessori lab. Each Material Teaches the child more than one skill at a time.

How does self pace learning work?

Children work with Montessori materials at their own pace. They repeat an exercise until it is mastered. The teacher guides the children. They inspire the child not instruct. The child works through a sequence of material of simple to complex.

What Mixed- Age Classroom?

Dr. Maria Montessori Observed that children share characteristics, interests and tendencies. Children are grouped in multi age classrooms, encouraging peer teaching, leadership and a community atmosphere.

About Montessori World

We are headed under the skilled leadership of our Proprietor , 'Mrs. Hiral Manish Shah'. It is due to her valuable suggestions, visionary skills and strategic efforts that has evolved into the Montessori Preschool. She is an Associate Montessori International Graduate and Montessori Trainer.

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